MarkDown 笔记(一)

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Markdown Could be so powerful yet github is still far behind some nice features.

flow chart

It seems that github does not support

graph LR
A[Docker] -- service stack --> B((host))
A --> C(service)
B --> D{user}
C --> D

excel entry

Single backticks'Isn't this fun?''Isn't this fun?'
Quotes"Isn't this fun?""Isn't this fun?"
Dashes-- is en-dash, --- is em-dash-- is en-dash, --- is em-dash

Markdown extensions

StackEdit extends the standard Markdown syntax by adding extra Markdown extensions, providing you with some nice features.

ProTip: You can disable any Markdown extension in the File properties dialog.

as I finished talking with this conversation.


seems not supported as well

You can render LaTeX mathematical expressions using KaTeX:

The Gamma function satisfying $\Gamma(n) = (n-1)!\quad\forall n\in\mathbb N$ is via the Euler integral

$$ \Gamma(z) = \int_0^\infty t^{z-1}e^{-t}dt,. $$


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